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Inventory software - Create quotation, invoice, Purchase Order-PO in minutes
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4 February 2013

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This is an inventory management tool.

Managing businesses, however small, requires management of their quotations, invoices, purchase order (PO), credit notes, delivery notes/ packing slip, inventory, and stock. When you are trying to run more than one such business, you have problems multiplied. Additional staff to take care of these issues not only will cost you but could easily worsen the situation by introducing human errors unless these people are well trained and even then there could be honest mistakes and hence trouble. A suitable inventory management system can go a long way to let you manage the mess. A tool that could manage purchase order (PO), quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slips, inventory, stock would be very useful and you have a tool like that here. It will also let you manage more than one business. The tool will keep the data related to the operations isolated. Entire gamut of operations such as creating purchase order, receiving payment, scheduling recurring invoices, creating credit notes, packing lists, etc. are made available through this tool.

With Xin Inventory Software point alert will ensure that you have the items ready when you need them. The standard documents are based on templates and could be generated with least amount of efforts. These templates could be easily customized by uploading your business logo and other details. Purchase order (PO), invoices, quotations or estimation, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slips, customer statement layout, etc. are going to look professional. You could create your very own template too. The interface is well laid out. Controls are easily accessible. This is a very good product and if you are looking for a tool like this, this could be it.

Publisher's description

Xin Inventory Software is a comprehensive, smart and all-inclusive productivity management solution system. With Xin Inventory Software?s reorder point alert, you will know when a new order is needed.
The built-in professional templates helps to generate professional document. You can easily upload business logo and customize purchase order (PO), invoices, quotations or estimation, credit notes, delivery notes/packing slips, customer statement layout, and more. You can also create new templates or edit to match your needs.
Xin Inventory Software lets you to track customer payment. It also has an option to define your own tax rate making it a simple and burden-free tax calculation system.
The software?s reporting feature allows you to render reports that are up-to-date and available in different formats for your ease.
+Create Purchase Order
+Receive Inventory
+Create Invoice
+Create Invoice import from quotation
+Schedule recurring invoices
+Create Credit Note / Packing List
+Copy Quotation
+Copy Invoice
+Receive payment
+Export Quotation & Invoice to PDF format
+Customize Quotation, Invoice template
+Upload signature for Invoice & Quotation
+Print Customer Statement
+Inventory management
+Re-Order Quantity Alert
+Multiple price level
+Vendor database
+Customer database
+Quotation & Invoice database
+Change company settings & logo
+Support multiple Tax structure
+Support multiple companies
+Change Invoice & Quotation Reference code
+Easy invoice filtering
+Advance Data filtering
+Create Sales Person
+Database backup
+Email document to customer
+Fax document to customer
+Create new quotation, invoice template & etc
+Create own report Data export to excel
+Export report to PDF, Excel & etc
+Document attachment
+Password protected
+Personalize system skin
+Standard Report Sales report
+Customer list
+Invoice Status report
+Invoice Received report
+Sales Chart
+Inventory popularity report & more ..
Xin Inventory
Xin Inventory
Version 1.12.21
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